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About Us

About Risus Felix

Aamir Rizvi

Our Story

Risus Felix is a marketing service provider that has been serving both rural and urban India with simplicity, effectiveness, and affordability since 2021. Our company’s mission is to amplify your brand’s voice, offering impactful experiences through innovative strategies and business solutions. We strongly advocate that establishing a brand is pivotal for optimal business expansion. Consequently, we strive to craft and reinforce your brand through customized strategies, drawing upon our technical and creative proficiency. Our goal is to assist you in crafting and defining your brand’s identity, ensuring broad outreach and enhanced visibility.


Futuristic Plans and Recommendations

Our future plans are centered around leveraging advanced technology, integrating sustainable practices, and expanding our global reach. We aim to optimize our processes. Additionally, our commitment to sustainability will be evident in every aspect of our operations. Moreover, we are strategically planning to expand internationally to reach a wider audience

Advanced Technology

Incorporating AI and machine learning into our processes

Sustainability Focus

Implementing eco-friendly practices throughout our supply chain.

Global Expansion

Scaling our operations to new international markets